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November 29 2015

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Architectural Density in Hong Kong

With seven million people, Hong Kong is the 4th most densely populated places in the world. However, plain numbers never tell the full story. In his ‘Architecture of Density’ photo series, German photographer Michael Wolf explores the jaw-dropping urban landscapes of Hong Kong. He rids his photographs of any context, removing any sky or horizon line from the frame and flattening the space until it becomes a relentless abstraction of urban expansion, with no escape for the viewer’s eye. Infinite and haunting.

Editor’s Note: Co-signed.

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November 18 2015

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October 28 2015

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October 24 2015

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October 19 2015

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October 12 2015

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October 06 2015

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October 02 2015

September 21 2015

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September 20 2015

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September 18 2015


September 17 2015

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Horch 853, fire truck. 1941.
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September 14 2015

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September 13 2015

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September 07 2015

It has been torn down already :(
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September 06 2015


10 Photos Of Norway’s Fairy Tale Architecture

Norway started out as a kingdom in 872 and has existed ever since. It has also saved quite a bit of its traditional architecture. Traditional Norwegian architecture makes it look like a land out of a fairytale. Stave churches – so named because of the Norse words for their load-bearing poles – were extremely popular back in the 12th century, and their unique shape matched with all-wooden construction make is simply spectacular.

Norvegian vernacular (as in, built to local requirements and using local materials) architecture is wonderful. Moss and even trees grow on the roofs of wooden or stone buildings, making Norway a sort of Norse Shire. Have a look, and plan your next holiday accordingly!

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September 02 2015

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August 29 2015

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Mars southern polar ice cap, captured by ESA's Mars Express Orbiter
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