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December 09 2014

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The Badlands of the American West are typically a harsh, dry place with little to no vegetation. But when any amount of water finally arrives, the landscape changes remarkably. 

In his latest book, More Than a Rock, photographer Guy Tal captures the rare blooms of wildflowers that arrive after a rare storm.

Photographer Captures Wildflowers in the Harsh, American Badlands

via Colossal

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November 16 2014

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October 18 2014

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747 space shuttle mounting pole. Engineers... :-)
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October 09 2014


dragon hoards III

another set of commissioned dragon hoards ! the cat hoarder and the kitten hoarder are best friends and sometimes let their charges meet for playdates 

(part one) (part two)

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A Ghibli movie raided the train.

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October 01 2014

September 28 2014

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Purple Beautiful gorgeous pretty flowers

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September 27 2014

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September 24 2014

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September 20 2014

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September 07 2014

Claws of the Dragon / Senja, Norway by: Andrew
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August 27 2014

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August 24 2014


August 10 2014

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August 09 2014

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July 31 2014

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