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April 13 2014

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April 12 2014

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Hofn, Iceland

April 03 2014

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OSI layers
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April 01 2014

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March 26 2014

Hexagon wine rack

A small wine rack I designed because I didn't like the designs here on Thingiverse so much. It should fit all bottles up to a diameter of 90mm. It's designed to be made from 4mm material.

March 24 2014

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March 21 2014


March 16 2014

March 08 2014

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Yesterday, a NASA test vehicle lifted off from the ground in Florida, flew freely through the air, and landed about 650 feet away. It landed, crucially, in the same position it launched—upright—and that makes it look kind of like a science fiction film.
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March 06 2014

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March 05 2014

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Don't blink!
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February 26 2014

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ISS - passing across the terminator into sunset.

February 25 2014

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Glowing Indoor Forest by Orproject

London architecture studio Orproject has installed a forest of illuminated paper trees that join up to form a continuous canopy at a gallery in New Delhi.

Called Vana, meaning “forest” in Sanskrit, the hanging installation by Orproject features four trunk-like structures designed to mimic natural growth patterns.

More at dezeen

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February 15 2014

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February 12 2014

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February 09 2014

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