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April 16 2017

March 17 2017


Fjaðrárgljúfur. South Iceland.

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March 06 2017

March 04 2017

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const int Metalab=11;
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February 20 2017


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Tesla-X-Rakete - erstaunlich wieviel Energie in so einem Lithiumionen-Akku gespeichert sein kann ^^
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February 18 2017

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January 24 2017

January 05 2017

December 29 2016

July 31 2016

June 25 2016

Leonardo da Vinci inspired self supporting bridge

I designed this bridge puzzle for the Maker Faire Vienna in April. It is inspired by the sketches of Leonardo da Vinci and holds together without any glue, nails or screws thanks to interlocking pieces in the easy version and only due to friction between the parts in the hard version.

For both versions I uploaded a file containing 7 sets of pieces (bridge_xxxx_7x.dxf) which is enough for building a reasonable sized bridge. If you want a bigger one you can cut more pieces using the files for one set (bridge_xxxx_1x.dxf).

You can read a bit more about it on my blog: https://regendrogenbogen.wordpress.com/2016/06/25/da-vinci-bridge/

If you don't have any access to a laser cutter at all, you can buy the kit on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/DaVinciModelShop

June 19 2016

June 13 2016

project: Uranium for SLM

Since I bought the awesome uranium necklace from overflo of the hackerspaceshop ( https://hackerspaceshop.com/collections/art-and-beauty/products/uranium ) I wanted to make a custom body for it. So I designed it to be made on a SLM machine (3D printer for metals).
I made two variatons, one in the original triangular shape and a hexagon shaped one.

I know there aren't many who have access to such or similar machines but I am sharing it anyway, I hope anyone can use it somehow or remix it.
The print settings are not really helpfull, I know. :P

My design uses the original rubber foam part as an isolator between the PCB and the metal case.

Read more about it on my blog: https://regendrogenbogen.wordpress.com/2016/06/13/uranium/
You can get both designs also on shapeways:

May 23 2016

Bottle rack

I always hated how the beer (and other) bottles roll around in the uppermost fridge shelf. Thaty why I made this rack which can hold 10 bottles (I think cans work too). It is designed to be cut from 3mm material.

Just cut the Spacer.dxf once and the hole_plate.dxf twice and glue the two big pieces together using the spacers.

Toothbrush holder v2.0

I redesigned the toothbrush holder I made a while ago because I got a new electric toothbrush with a new charging dock. While I was working on it I also decided to make a version with space for 4 bruch heads.

Cut the file with the number of slots you want out of 3mm material (I recommend acrylic) and glue the pieces together as you can see it in the CAD screenshots.

May 17 2016

May 14 2016

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