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project: Uranium for SLM

Since I bought the awesome uranium necklace from overflo of the hackerspaceshop ( https://hackerspaceshop.com/collections/art-and-beauty/products/uranium ) I wanted to make a custom body for it. So I designed it to be made on a SLM machine (3D printer for metals).
I made two variatons, one in the original triangular shape and a hexagon shaped one.

I know there aren't many who have access to such or similar machines but I am sharing it anyway, I hope anyone can use it somehow or remix it.
The print settings are not really helpfull, I know. :P

My design uses the original rubber foam part as an isolator between the PCB and the metal case.

Read more about it on my blog: https://regendrogenbogen.wordpress.com/2016/06/13/uranium/
You can get both designs also on shapeways:

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